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Checkmate Leather



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Color of Leather

Beveled and burnished edges, finished flesh side, Resolene top coat to protect leather and add shine. Strap is 1/2 in wide. Eyelets are 3mm with single chain bits hanging from each eyelet. The chain bits are "scraps" I've accumulated over the years from cutting chain!! 

  ⚠️-Everything I make is Made to Order, and exactly to the buyers measurements. PLEASE SEND MEASUREMENTS UPON PURCHASE. If you're not able/comfortable measuring yourself, that's okay just let me know! I have other ways!!-⚠️


Keyframe- n. "A moment that felt innocuous at the time but ended up marking a diversion into a strange new era of your life—a chance meeting you’d think back on for years, a harmless comment that sparked an ongoing feud, an idle musing that would come to define your entire career—a monumental shift secretly buried among the tiny imperceptible differences between one ordinary day and the next." ~Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows 

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