Handmade Leather Goods by Chess themself.

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What methods of payment do you accept?

I accept all major credit cards, Venmo, Paypal, Cashapp. If you are
experiencing any issues with a payment method, please reach out via
email! I am always finding things on my website that I thought were set
up correctly, to find out they are not.

Do you take custom orders?

YES!!!!! I prefer custom orders!!!!!! Some customs are one time
only if I feel they are too specific to one persons taste. If you want
to request for the custom I design for you to be the one and only, just
ask! I am presently struggling keeping customs organized, and I am
flooded with requests (which is GOOD) I'm just having a hard time
keeping everything organized:)
This will not be forever, so please have

Do you do plus size?

Yes, OF COURSE! I hate that I even have to put this question in here :( Most everything I make is made to order/custom so each piece is made to exactly your measurements, with plenty of adjustments to grow
and change with you, or so you can have shared custody of a piece with a
friend/someone you trust. If you're not comfortable using numbers for measurements, That OKAY!! I have a little trick where you can use a ribbon and mail it to me. I offer this to every client who makes a purchase, so you don't even have to worry about requesting a non-numbered experience!! (Except the price, nothing I can do about those numbers).

Can I track my order?

Yes! You will receive a shipping update via email once items have been shipped, with a tracking number included.

When will my order be shipped?

This part is tricky, and I'm still working on getting orders out faster, so utmost patience is required when ordering from me. Since I'm unable to purchase wholesale materials, sometimes pieces take even longer to come due to me constantly running out of necessary materials. This is something I am working very hard to improve. Designs I've already made are likely to come faster than Custom Commissions, I like
to take my time when making, to ensure the highest quality. So anywhere from 3-8 weeks upon purchase, sometimes longer if I'm experiencing complications/setbacks. Either way, your order WILL make it to you :) With the amount of things I need to make and how leatherwork works, I have to work in a way where I make like items with like items in batches, rather than making things in the order they are placed in ❤️

Do you ship Worldwide?

Yes!!! Cost depends on country, usually $15-$40. Email/DM me if you have further questions. IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE WITH THIS, PLEASE EMAIL ME. I realized after a whole year my website was not actually set up to accept international orders even though I thought it was :( I think I fixed it, but please reach out if not!!

How do I get in contact with you for more questions?

Email me at Checkmate.Leather666@gmail.com. To be honest, emails have been hard for me but I'm working on it so shoot me an email anyway!! Otherwise, Instagram (@CheckmateLeather) or Facebook (Chess Plum) are great ways to contact me as well! 

Do you do repairs?

YES ABSOLUTELY! I've only been doing leatherwork for going on 3 years now, so I am 100% still learning! If something breaks/ feels uncomfy PLEASE let me know! Your feedback helps me improve my skills/the design for future clients! I'm still trying to set up an effective repair process so please bare with me until I can figure out the best way to go about repairs, the method I have now requires more work on your part than I'd like. But either way, I WILL FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT UP TO YOU!

Send in your measurements here! *Please include Order#*