Custom Commissions- Where to start?

Thank you for inquiring about a custom! Please only fill out the form if you are able to pay the deposit fee!

The Process-

•First, please fill out the Google Form HERE. This is how I keep track of all my customs.

• I check emails/Dms/etc. every Sunday. I will send an email to confirm I've received your inquiry, I will also let you know if I'm ready/able to start sketching for your piece. CHECK YOUR SPAM

•If you want to pay the deposit fee even if I'm not ready to start sketching for you yet, I'm comfortable with that if you are. Your name will be added to a special list to ensure I get to you next.

•Once a deposit fee is paid, we can set a budget for your commission. When I sketch, I typically design 1-3 pieces ranging above/below/at your set budget for some variety. An idea of a typical budget for a commission tends to be over +$150 but if you have something smaller in mind please don't hesitate to ask!

The sketch- Feel free to give me ideas you've drawn up yourself, a few descriptive words, pictures of my old/current designs you vibe with, a specific aesthetic, etc. For creative freedom concepts, all I need to know is a little about what you like and don't like. Otherwise, you are welcome to be as involved with the sketch process as much as you'd like to be!

•After a budget and final sketch is picked, we can then set up a payment plan comfortable for you. All I ask is you follow through with payments as discussed as it affects my income and work flow. But I also completely understand if things come up, just let me know 🖤

•You send me any measurements necessary for the piece if you are able/comfortable doing so. I will offer instructions on how to measure yourself.

•Then I work! You can request to have me film the process of making your piece, and turn it into a video for an additional charge 🖤 When your piece is complete, I will send pictures and make sure you like how it turned out!

•Since it's a custom, I may keep it a few days longer to photograph the piece and say my final goodbyes before mailing it off to you! Tracking number will be sent when I close out the order on my end the night before/morning I send it. I will let you know when I plan on mailing it out.

Additional notes about Customs-

First and foremost, if you don't like something TELL ME. I will not be offended, and I have plenty of ideas to offer. Tell me you don't like it until you do, that's my job! All I need from you then is to tell me what you don't like about it, and what you do (if anything).

Sketching is a delicate process. Some concepts I have ideas for right away, some need to marinate for a while. But if I accepted your commission, it meant I was inspired by it and want to make it, no matter how long it takes for the idea to come to me! The longest it can take is a month, but ideally I will try to get a sketch to you in two weeks.

Try to stick to the payments we scheduled, as it affects my income and work flow. But I completely understand if something comes up, just let me know and we can work it out :)

You must fill out the google form! It is my master list of on-going commissions.

And last, have patience. This is a new system I'm trying out, and a new business in general run by just one person  (with a life, and mental/physical health issues lol)

Thank you for reading this all! It makes my job WAY easier <3



  • Custom Detachable Collar-Harness

    Can be worn as just a collar, or the whole harness. Change the placement of the detachables for a whole new look.

  • Hand Painted Black Glitter Hearts

  • Full-View of Custom Detachable Collar-Harness

  • Worn as a Collar w/ Detachables

  • Close-up of the back ft. Heart shaped buckle

  • The Possibilities are endless...

  • Full-View of back of the Detachable-Collar Harness

  • Side-View of Detachable Collar-Harness

  • The Final sketch that started it all...