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Checkmate Leather



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Made with a velvet-textured ribbon that has a white lace trim, machine sewn and lined with real leather lambskin. Strap is 1 inch wide. Hand painted/hand sewn heart buttons made to look like conversation hearts with the phrases "Get lost pls", "It's not me, it's you", "Eat dirt bitch", "Leave me alone", "Xoxox" (the o's being the holes in the button). Small cone spikes are 7mm tall.

Buckle + endstrap made with real black leather, beveled and burnished edges, finished flesh side and Resolene top coat to protect the leather and add shine. 

💌 Part of Valentine's Day collection, THIS IS A ONE-OF-A-KIND PIECE, another will never be made exactly like this!! Presently it is adjustable 13'-18' but if you are comfortable/ able to PLEASE send your measurements upon purchase and I will alter it as needed to fit your measurements at no extra cost! 💌  



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