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Checkmate Leather



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Leather Inverted Cross about 6 inches long, 5 inches across. The Cross itself is 1 inch-2inches at widest points. 2.5mm curbchain. Burnished and Beveled Edges, high gloss finisher. Leather is 5-6oz, flexible but built to last. 

Top Strap: 1/2 wide, spikes are 1.5 inches long. 

Bottom Strap: 1 inch wide, Massive Tree Spikes  are 4.5 inches, Giant Tree spikes are 3 inches, skinny cone spikes are 1.5 inches.

The whole collar is 1 1/2 wide, and weighs about 1.5 pounds (weight of an average shoe) it is SURPRISINGLY wearable!! 


(The spikes are a little dirty because I borrowed it back after corpse paint was worn with the collar, and naturally some got on the spikes and I could NOT get it off, so I didn't edit it out coz it's metal af 🖤

Named after/Orginal concept designed for friend Josh Roy of Burial Culture; and proudly tradeded for some of his gorgeous ink on my chest. ♔♚ To go see more of his work, go to @Joshuaroy1024 on Instagram or at Capitol City Tattoo in Madison, WI ♚♔

 ⚠️-Everything I make is Made to Order, and exactly to the buyers measurements. PLEASE SEND MEASUREMENTS UPON PURCHASE. If you're not able/comfortable measuring yourself, that's okay just let me know! I have options!-⚠️

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