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Checkmate Leather

Mummified Deer Leg Leather Handfan

Mummified Deer Leg Leather Handfan

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Made with Bloody Red Pull-up leather, beveled and burnished edges, handstitched edges, high gloss finisher. Rabbit Vertabrae on handle.

Deer Leg ethically sourced for an etsy shop. I found the rabbit vertabrae myself. 

 The whole fan is about 13 inches long, and 8 or so inches across. 

Ever find yourself, or someone you love (or don't love), covered in sweat from some kind of steamy activity?


Do you like leather, or have a collection of toys that you're looking to expand upon?


Well, have I got a new toy idea for you. A leather hand fan! 


I can guarantee your partner and you will appreciate this beautiful and efficient toy, not to mention its kind of romantic and sweet, don't ya think?


The leather part is customizable, and can be designed to look a variety of ways. So far the two designs I've made feature a Spade and Bishop style.

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