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Checkmate Leather

La Gaudière Thigh Garter

La Gaudière Thigh Garter

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One-of-a-Kind design. Real leather lambskin sewn with lining. 1 inch long cat claw spikes. 7mm pink spikes. Handmade leather bow with ribbon ruffle. Front strap is 1 inch wide, side straps at 1/2 inch.

 Strap/Stacked Chain are detachable from the leg garter, so you can remove/add/move around as you desire.

 CAN BE EASILY ALTERED TO FIT YOUR BODY. Even though this is pre-made, I will still reach out for your measurements and ensure it fits/alter it as needed. (If you are comfortable/able measuring yourself)



La Gaudière-
n. "The glint of goodness inside people, which you can only find by sloshing them back and forth in your mind until everything dark and gray and common falls away, leaving behind a constellation at the bottom of the pan—a rare element trapped in exposed bedrock, washed there by a storm somewhere upstream." ~Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows








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