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Checkmate Leather



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Made with Real Black pull-up leather, Glitter Leather paint top coat in Tuxedo Black, burnished and beveled edges, finished flesh side. Strap is 1 3/4 inches wide.


Gold 1 inch cat claw spikes, with a single silver cat claw spikes in each side. Hand sewn buttons, two hearts, a backwards 9, 1, 5, 5, to spell "PISS".


Hand painted "pee" drop on Hand cut leather pieces secured to chain with jumprings.


Small chain woven into curb chain, with crystal+curb chain bits on the end of each strap. Longest chain dangles 10 inches from neck.

 THIS IS A ONE-OF-A-KIND PIECE, another will never be made exactly like this!! Presently it is adjustable 13'-18' but if you are comfortable/ able to PLEASE send your measurements upon purchase and I will alter it as needed at no extra cost!

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