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Checkmate Leather

Midding Cuff

Midding Cuff

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Color of Leather

Strap is 1/2 wide, O-Ring is 1/2 in diameter. Burnished and Beveled edges, High gloss finisher. 


*THIS IS FOR A SINGLE CUFF, please update the quantity if you would like more than one*

 ⚠️-Everything I make is Made to Order, and exactly to the buyers measurements. PLEASE SEND MEASUREMENTS UPON PURCHASE. If you're not able/comfortable measuring yourself, that's okay just let me know! I have options!-⚠️


Midding- v. intr. "Feeling the tranquil pleasure of being near a gathering but not quite in it—hovering on the perimeter of a campfire, chatting outside a party while others dance inside, resting your head in the backseat of a car listening to your friends chatting up front—feeling blissfully invisible yet still fully included, safe in the knowledge that everyone is together and everyone is okay, with all the thrill of being there without the burden of having to be." ~Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows 


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