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Checkmate Leather



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Made with Real Black and White pull-up leather, beveled and burnished edges w/high gloss finisher. Hand sewn black & white lace ruffle on mismatch sides. Strap is 1/2 inch wide. With lace 1 inch wide. 


1 inch long cat claw spikes


1 inch long cone spikes


O-Ring is 1/2 inch in diameter


Spike placement is the same as "Xeno". 


⚠️-Everything I make is Made to Order, and exactly to the buyers measurements. PLEASE SEND MEASUREMENTS UPON PURCHASE. If you're not able/comfortable measuring yourself, that's okay just let me know! I have options!-⚠️


Zugzwang (A term used in chess)-

" In chess, there's a position called zugzwang, like being forced to hurt yourself. Being put in zugzwang means a player is obliged to move even though moving means losing a piece."

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