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Checkmate Leather

Matching Human & Cat Collar Bundle

Matching Human & Cat Collar Bundle

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Color of Crystals

*CAT COLLAR WILL BE NADE WITH BREAKAWAY BUCKLE, the photographed one is just a model and was the first made*


Human Collar- Strap is 1 inch wide. Burnished and beveled edges with high gloss finisher. 2 inch long spikes. O-Ring is 1 inch in diameter. Crystal Rivets.

Cat Sized Collar- *NOT to be worn for extended periods of time on a live animal. It is only for pictures and shits and giggles. Wear it as a cuff, or keep it on a stuffed animal when not annoying your cat!! But PLEASE do not torture your cat. It's fun to dress em up if they don't care for a bit, but if your cat is uncomfortable and wants it off, be a responsible pet owner. ALWAYS PUT ON LIVE ANIMALS LOOSLY. And in a closer room so the cat cannot escape with the collar on and get into potentially dangerous situations. Always keep your cat in site when the collar is on*

Strap is 1/5 wide. Burnished and Beveled edges, high gloss finisher. Spikes are 1 inch long. Red Crystal Rivets. 

Unless otherwise specified, this collar will come adjustable 8.5"-11". 


⚠️-Everything I make is Made to Order, and exactly to the buyers measurements. PLEASE SEND MEASUREMENTS UPON PURCHASE. If you're not able/comfortable measuring yourself, that's okay just let me know! I have options!-⚠️


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